The following resources are a small sampling of the many necessary to fully understand blindness and low vision, as well as the impact on a person's life. Being able to locate just the right information that is appropriate to a particular case is the specialty of Experts on Blindness. Whether it be an expert understanding of a regulation or a unique perspective based on many years of experience, having a wealth of knowledge is foremost to understanding a case.

Publications and Tools

A list of dozens of clinical abbreviations. This tool may help if you have difficulty reading eye medical reports.

A toolkit with information about registered apprenticeship and how it can be used to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Published by the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy. Clicking the link above will download the publication in PDF format.

A website with resources for planning and building home improvements that are accessible to all.

Article with statistics about visual impairment and links to resources for students planning to enter colleges and for their families.

A comprehensive resource where students and their families can find scholarships and information about assistive technology.