"While our settlement is confidential, I can tell you that it was settled on very good terms. I know that your opinions and testimony went a long way and I have no doubt that your contributions to this case allowed us to reach an acceptable settlement in this matter. Both the client and I appreciate your assistance. If I ever get another eye case, I will not hesitate to contact you to consult."

R. Blake Zuber, Attorney, Brin & Brin, P.C.

"We had the pleasure of working with David in a case involving severe visual impairment in both eyes with a diagnosis of end stage glaucoma and an ocular choroidal melanoma in the left eye of the Plaintiff. David evaluated the impact of vision loss and other disabilities on the Plaintiff. He was understanding of time constraints and very professional to all parties. We won't hesitate to ask him to review such matters in the future and give him the highest of recommendations."

Larry Langley, Esq., Langley Law Firm, P.C.

"David, I wanted to thank you for the excellent work you and Fran Osborn did in this case. The plaintiff had an expert who clearly did not work with blind individuals. His only purpose was to increase the future damages. You and Fran travelled to the site of the litigation, and did a thorough assessment of the local resources, as well as the plaintiff, and his personal resources. When the plaintiff's counsel completely changed the plans for the plaintiff's future during your discovery depositions, you handled the change in circumstances calmly and professionally with the knowledge that you acquired during your local assessment.

I think your testimony was a major factor in convincing the plaintiff that their damages were not unlimited. Had we tried this case, I am convinced that the plaintiff's portrayal of a blind child living his life with no hope would have reflected poorly on them because of your and Fran's testimony of hope and power for a blind individual. Thank you for your work on this case."

Michael J. McLane, Staff Counsel, Cincinnati Insurance Company

"We retained David Jeppson to provide a comprehensive evaluation of our client who suffered complete blindness as a result of medical negligence. David met with our client, and provided a very detailed, comprehensive report regarding his evaluation. David also provided our life care planner with significant input regarding the equipment and services necessary to meet the unique needs of our client.

Thereafter, David testified at deposition and at trial. In both instances, David was well prepared, professional, knowledgeable and quite credible. We recently obtained a large Plaintiff's verdict in this medical malpractice case, and I feel that David's testimony played a significant part in our success in this case. I wholeheartedly recommend David for any case where the nature and extent of the Plaintiff's visual impairment is at issue."

Kevin W. Keenan, Osborne & Keenan, P.C.

"David is as qualified as any expert I have seen and did a great job explaining the profound changes to my client's life brought on by blindness following spinal surgery. However, probably the most impressive thing he did was providing information to my client and his wife that helped them greatly in coping with the client's sudden blindness. I highly recommend David."

Steve Groves, Holland, Groves, Schneller & Stolze

"I was not just blowing smoke when I told you that your testimony was exemplary. Your preparation was obviously superior to the other equivalent experts. Your demeanor and professionalism on the witness stand was the best I've seen in a long time. If you can keep the dial where it is (on preparation, demeanor, professionalism, knowledge), you will be true to your cause as well as very helpful on the kinds of issues we faced in this case."

Co-counsel following July 2011 trial testimony

"I wanted to express my thanks, and the thanks of the plaintiff family . . .in getting this case resolved. You met extensively with the family, and got to know the young girl and her family in a manner that led them to trust you, open up to you, and let you know how much they could provide in internal support and how much we had to provide from the outside. You helped us greatly to understand what our young girl needed to recover as completely as possible from her total blindness and try to resume her education and become as self sufficient as possible. You told us what was available to her through outside resources, and what we had to make sure we provided for her through settlement. Your ability to work with experts in fields outside your own, helping to fashion a life care plan . . . that they (the defendants) could not reasonably attack. This, in turn, was a material factor in settling the case. Others will be fortunate to have you on their side."

Arlan A. Cohen, M.D., J.D.

"I had the pleasure of working with David Jeppson in a case involving total blindness in one eye and very significant loss of vision in the other. Mr. Jeppson was extremely knowledgeable about options available to make the plaintiff's life more fulfilling and to make him more functional. He was understanding of time constraints and very professional in dealing with all members of our firm, with the plaintiff and the plaintiff's wife. He even traveled to Wisconsin in winter to do an independent medical examination. I recommend him for similar types of cases without hesitation. We won't hesitate to ask him to review such matters in the future."

Lorie Gendelman. Otjen, Van Ert & Weir, S.C.

"We retained David Jeppson to evaluate our client who suffered a devastating fall as the result of the negligence of a Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist (COMS) when the client was newly blind and had not yet finished blindness education and training. David provided a comprehensive and meticulously detailed report as to both standard of care for the COMS and the impact of the fall on our client’s ability to function as a blind person. David’s report was instrumental in mediation and the case settled on good terms for our client before the expert deposition phase. David was professional, prepared, easy to work with, understanding as to deadlines, and I highly recommend him."

Brittany S. Cates. Faxon Law Group, LLC

"Mr. Jeppson is a rare expert witness. He cares and it shows. He is no slick 'hired gun.' "

Attorney for the defense Tracy P. Curtis, Lewis,
Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith

"David Jeppson is one of the leaders in the blindness field in Texas. Through his creativity, his sound advice, and the example he has set over many years of service to children and adults who are blind or have low vision he has helped his colleagues and staff to become better at improving the outcomes and services to constituents in Texas. I am certain that DARS/DBS is a more client-centered agency as a result of the leadership of David Jeppson."

Mary Ann Siller, National Consultant on Blindness and Low Vision

"David Jeppson has great value as a consultant on issues related to blindness and vision impairment. He was able to educate the jury on these issues in a personable and credible manner."

Melinda Bechtel. Kent & Bechtel, PLLC.

"David's experience, straight forward approach and passion have been evident throughout his long association with our company. . . I highly recommend Mr. Jeppson due to his ability to focus, guide/educate and deliver quality results for our goals and operations. He is responsive and easy to work with."

Brad Mayne. CFE President/ CEO American Airlines Center

"Over the many years of association with David I have seen him as an example of true advocacy for individuals facing employment challenges. His dedication in assisting those with a variety of disabilities, including sight and hearing disabilities, as well as those without disabilities has been a visible labor of love.

Our relationship was built through his countless hours of volunteer work in several capacities. In all aspects of what he does, his coaching and mentoring style is one of encouraging self-reliance and a 'you can do it' approach. Additionally, his wealth of knowledge about local resources and programs makes him invaluable to anyone seeking his gracious willingness to help."

Julie Poole, Dir., LDS Employment Resource Center, Carrollton, TX

"I've both observed and benefited from Dave Jeppson's commitment and competence in developing relationships of loyalty with many people at agencies and companies who can provide employment leads in the Fort Worth area. As Dave's professional responsibilities have increased, he has nonetheless consistently continued forwarding those leads through an extensive network of volunteers, of which I am one, to hundreds whose lives have been derailed by unemployment.

Many suffer educational deficiencies, others various disabilities, while all are casualties of an economy in recession. But every one of them is extremely grateful for anyone playing the role of a job coach in providing countless leads to help with their predicament as Dave has done. Their appreciation for his unpaid work as an employment specialist will stand as a monument to his devotion and service. I'm proud to know him, and stand with those many he has helped to offer him our sincere and heartfelt thanks."

Mark Van Cott, Oracle Administrator, XTO Energy

"Mr. Jeppson is an excellent employee who has consistently exceeded his performance measures and his region is routinely one of the highest performing regions year after year, particularly in the number of persons who are blind working in competitive jobs in the community earning good wages. . . David is our DBS networking guru. He has made countless business contacts through his community connections, and he maintains an ongoing relationship with the Lighthouse for the Blind, Chamber of Commerce, Mayors Committee, Easter Seals, NFB, AFB, TRAN, various Workforce groups and the list goes on and on. His outreach efforts and his development of an outreach brochure (DFW Area Services to Persons Who are Blind and Visually Impaired) has contributed to the high number of consumers served in the Dallas/Fort Worth areas. This resulted in the creation of several new caseloads to accommodate the exceptionally high number of referrals. . . . Due to his exemplary efforts he was awarded the agency's prestigious Foundations for the Future Award. He possesses strong leadership and management skills and has helped train and mentor many colleagues. He is our go-to guy for answers to those "what do you think" questions. He has made a valuable contribution to our agency’s succession planning. In the last 3½ years, eight of his staff were promoted to new positions, most of which being in a supervisory or statewide specialist capacity."

Sue Ann Chandler, Director of Programs, Division for Blind Services,
Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services.