The Twenty Losses of Blindness

Basic Losses to Psychological Security

1. Loss of physical integrity

2. Loss of confidence in the remaining senses

3. Loss of reality contact with the environment

4. Loss of visual background

5. Loss of light security

Loss In Basic Skills

6. Loss of mobility

7. Loss of techniques of daily living

Loss in Communication

8. Loss of ease of written communication

9. Loss of ease of spoken communication

10. Loss of informational progress

Losses In Appreciation

11. Loss of the visual perception of the pleasurable

12. Loss of visual perception of the beautiful

13. Loss of recreation

Losses Concerning Occupation and Financial Status

14. Loss of career, vocational goal, job opportunity

15. Loss of financial security

Resulting Losses to the Whole Personality

16. Loss of personal independence

17. Loss of social adequacy

18. Loss of obscurity

19. Loss of self-esteem

20. Loss of total personality organization