About Experts On Blindness

The Impact of Becoming Blind

Becoming blind or losing a substantial portion of one's sight may change a person's life dramatically. The issues are extensive and complex. Depending upon the person's age, there can be educational, vocational, independent living, and quality of life issues as well as others. Experts on Blindness provides consulting services to help the legal community, both defendants and plaintiffs, to understand these issues and what it might take to mitigate the impact.

In 1961, Thomas Carroll, a pioneer in the rehabilitation of persons who are blind, wrote about The Twenty Losses of Blindness. His list is still very relevant today. In its comprehensive assessment, Experts on Blindness examines how each of these losses has impacted the client.

Damages Expert

David has experience working with attorneys in civil cases on both the district and federal levels, as well as criminal cases. He has helped several attorneys representing defendants—usually physicians—who are challenged by grossly exaggerated claims of dependence and inability to work as well as claims of exorbitant financial losses and future expenses. He has also worked on behalf of several attorneys representing plaintiffs who have legitimate vocational and independent living needs and lifelong expenses as a result of sight loss. Understanding blindness is critical to developing a comprehensive life care plan or evaluating the appropriateness of a plan developed by the opposing party.

Life Care Plans

Experts on Blindness will evaluate an existing life care plan to provide an additional expert opinion about the plan, or can help life care planners craft a care plan tailored to a person's specific needs.

Standard of Care Experts

David has experience as a standard of care expert as it relates to blindness professionals. If you need expertise to determine if a blindness organization or blindness professional has met the standard of care that caused injury to a blind person, then Experts on Blindness should be able to help you.

Employment Discrimination

David has expertise and experience working with the EEOC on cases involving employment discrimination. He can also consult with attorneys representing an employer who feels they are being wrongfully charged with employment discrimination based on blindness.